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November 06: Trump’s Tabulation Tales, The Most Expensive Prison in Britain, and a Security Hotline - Daily Briefing
November 05: A Ban on Sport, Kanye Concedes, Denmark’s COVID Cull & Furlough in Britain - Daily Briefing
Johnson’s Government Failing to Communicate? Britains’ Communication Crisis Explained - Podcast
November 04: A Lack of President, Prime Minister’s Questions, and Voting on the Lockdown - Daily Briefing
Results in the Swing States Explained: Has Trump “Already Won” the Election? - TLDR US
November 03: The US Election is Here, An Attack in Vienna, and Testing Liverpool - Daily Briefing
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November 02: Firing Fauci, England’s Lockdown and Two Future Kings Battle COVID - Daily Briefing
What Happens to Gibraltar After Brexit? Britain’s Territory Stranded Post Brexit? - TLDR EU
Why Corbyn Was Suspended from the Labour Party: Report Exposes Antisemitism in Labour - TLDR UK
October 30: Starmer on ‘Cor-binned’, Early Voting in the US, and a Rule of 6 Loophole - Daily Briefing
Episode 23: An Election Rundown and a Rant about Relationships - Podcast
October 29: An Attack in Nice, Jeremy Corbyn Kicked Out of the Labour Party & a National Lockdown - Daily Briefing
October 28: A Trump Defamation Claim, A Debate About Soy Sauce and Nationalising James Bond - Daily Briefing
October 27: A Supreme Court Appointment, Starmer’s Accident and COVID Immunity - Daily Briefing
October 26: A Stowaway Situation, The Welsh Firebreak and a Map for Free School Meals - Daily Briefing
October 23: The Presidential Debate, North Korea’s COVID Cloud and Scotland’s Restrictions - Daily Briefing
Episode 22: Johnson & Burnham Bridge the Gap - Podcast
October 22nd: An FBI Investigation, Free School Meals and a New Jobs Scheme - Daily Briefing
Why the EU’s Relationship with North Korea has FAILED - TLDR EU

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