Corona & My Order

In response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to let you know how your TLDR order will be affected.

if your order is a Christmas gift please read our Christmas shipping guide


Standard TLDR Store Orders

If you’ve placed a standard order we will do our best to dispatch it as soon as possible. We’re generally avoiding the Central London TLDR Studio (for obvious reasons) and unfortunately, that’s where most products are held. Therefore, some orders may experience a slight delay.

As long as it remains safe I will visit the TLDR studio about once a week and handle all pending orders. If this becomes impossible inadvisable all orders will be temporarily suspended.

If you wish to cancel an order or have any questions please complete our customer service form.


TLDR Store Pre-orders

We currently have a number of pre-order items in the store including the Series Four and Globe Collection pins. We are currently awaiting the delivery of these items from our supplier, and it’s possible they might be delayed because of supply chain issues. Normally our pre-order periods last about 4-6 weeks and we’re hoping that it will be no different in this case. Once we’ve received all of the badges and had a chance to package them we will begin to dispatch. At which point the order becomes a standard order (see above)


TeeSpring Orders

All shirts, hoodies, mugs etc. ordered through TeeSpring are handled by our merchandising partner, Teespring, Inc. Please consult their website to find out about any delays or issues.