Order Tracking

Tracking is only available to orders made on or after the 25th April 2020

Track an Order

Please enter your order number along with the email used to create the order. These can be found in your order confirmation email.

What your status means:

Processing = We have received your order and will package it up as soon as possible.

On Hold = We have run into an issue with your order. Normally this means we’re waiting on a certain item in your order to come into stock. 

Packaged = Your order has been packaged and is waiting to be sent (we aim to send all packages within 24 hours once they have reached this status.

Packaged (on hold) = Your order has been packaged and is waiting on a pre-order item and will be sent as soon that the product comes into stock. The packaged is labeled and stamped and ready to go! 

Pre-order = You have ordered a pre-order or special item only. This status will change once the item comes into stock.

Completed = Your item has shipped and is now in the hands of Royal Mail.