October 09: The Chancellor’s Coronavirus Relief, AR Dog Goggles and University Troubles 3

October 09: The Chancellor’s Coronavirus Relief, AR Dog Goggles and University Troubles

The Chancellor’s Coronavirus Relief

In the first story today, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak has announced new measures designed to ease businesses through the pandemic. It has been reported over the last few days that there will be an announcement from the Prime Minister as early as Monday – supposedly to introduce new coronavirus restrictions. It has been suggested that these restrictions will largely focus on local measures.

For this reason, the chancellor has today announced that if any business is required to close, by law, then their staff will be eligible for ⅔ of their wages to be paid by government up to £2,100 per month. This is known as the Job Support Scheme. There were caveats to this: a business must be closed for at least a week and employers will still have to pay their National Insurance and pension contributions. 

This will still be available, however, for businesses that revert to delivery/collection only – meaning that many restaurants may still be able to serve customers whilst being eligible for the scheme. 

In addition to the Job Support Scheme, the Chancellor announced that grants would be given to businesses who have been forced to close – starting at £1,300 per month for smaller ones, and going up to £3,000 per month for larger ones.

We’ll soon see how successful these new policies are.

AR Dog Goggles

In US news today, it has been revealed that the US army is looking into using AR goggles on sniffer dogs, so that they can be controlled from a distance. The reason this is useful is because military dogs can sniff out explosives, among other dangers, but they need a human to point them where to look. This is usually done using a laser pointer. 

However, as you can imagine, a human being close to an explosive is well, not ideal. So, the idea that has been proposed is to fit dogs with an AR headset, which can direct them towards a certain area without a human needing to be nearby. 

The inventor of the goggles has claimed that so far he has mainly been testing them on his own dog, and that these tests were going well.

University Troubles

In other UK news today, many university students are expressing anger at the way they have been treated by their universities in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. Some students have reported going to bed hungry due to the accommodation failing to provide adequate food, some have reported only being given junk food to eat and others have reported that they have very few contact hours – meaning that they are paying for unneeded university accommodation.

If you want to know more about issues that students are currently facing at universities and a discussion on whether the universities should have done more, check out the video we posted earlier today on this on the TLDR News UK channel.

For those of you who think the news is too long, be sure to check out tomorrow’s daily briefing.

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