November 09: A Groundbreaking Vaccine, Prank Calling the President, and Biden’s Victory 3

November 09: A Groundbreaking Vaccine, Prank Calling the President, and Biden’s Victory

A Groundbreaking Vaccine

Before we dive into the news stories today – in Friday’s Briefing I announced our second edition Brexit the Colouring Book, with this new version featuring 6 new pictures and taking the story all the way through to today. Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning it again now is we also offered £3 off any copy and that offer ends today at midnight. To get your discount then use code TLDRDAILY at checkout.

So, moving onto the first story in the news today, we are happy to be able to say that despite our writers urging caution when discussing the vaccine, it today seems like we have genuine reason to be optimistic. The reason we urged caution is because, even with a mass rollout of the vaccine, it was likely to be, maybe, 75% effective. If 75% of people received the vaccine (far more than we would expect) then only 56% of people are actually immune. This is far below the figure required for herd immunity to kick in and for the virus to be eradicated.

However, the news today is that the vaccine produced by Pfizer is 90% effective. This exceeded the expectations of many scientists. What this means in reality is that, if the additional analysis and testing continues to show this level of effectiveness, this could be rolled out by the end of the month to healthcare professionals and vulnerable people.

Pfizer has already said that it is a “great day for science and humanity” – a sentiment we’d like to echo.

Prank Calling the President

In the second news story today, after the president contested the results of the US election (claiming that it was inundated with fraudulent ballots – a claim he has so far not produced any evidence for) he has established a hotline for voters to report said electoral fraud. However, while the president was probably hoping for the hotline to produce the evidence he has been looking for – this hasn’t been the case.

Instead, the hotline has been rife with prank calls, initially started by Twitter and TikTok users. Many had called insisting to speak to Rudy Guiliani or simply mocking the president on his election defeat. 

Eric Trump, the son of the president, has blamed the Democratic Party for making the calls. The Trump campaign though has seemed keen to make clear that the hotline has been “very effective”. Exactly how much evidence it finds, and how it will wade through and determine what is a prank and what is a real claim is yet to be seen.

Also, please don’t take the story as us encouraging people to do this. Although there’s no solid evidence of voter fraud in the US election just yet, something we’ve discussed twice on the TLDR US YouTube Channel, if people do have genuine reports of voter fraud this should of course be investigated thoroughly.

Biden’s Victory

In the third story today, we will discuss the news over the weekend. The reason that Trump has set up the electoral fraud hotline is because, on Saturday morning, the 2020 presidential election was called in Joe Biden’s favour. This was following Pennsylvania being projected for him. 

While Trump is contesting the victory, and taking the issue to court, many world leaders have congratulated the former vice president – including the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This will make it difficult for the US to go back on it’s projection that Joe Biden will become the 46th president. Many world leaders already see him as the next commander-in-chief.

Having said that, it is not for them to decide who is and isn’t the president. The next few months will be an interesting time of uncertainty where the US will decide whether it’s decision of who will lead the US through the remainder of the coronavirus pandemic was actually the right one.

For those of you who think the news is too long, be sure to check out tomorrow’s daily briefing.

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