September 10th: The Last Days of Rome, A Bus Crash and Another Beirut Fire 2

September 10th: The Last Days of Rome, A Bus Crash and Another Beirut Fire

The Last Days of Rome

It was only yesterday that Prime Minister Johnson announced the new rule changes to the UK regarding coronavirus. However, police forces are already expressing concern that between now and the changes being introduced on Monday, people will have blowout celebrations. The police currently cannot intervene until there are more than 30 people meeting. 

As it was suggested in the Downing Street briefing yesterday that the rules set to be introduced on Monday could remain in place for many months to come, police forces in England are worried that people may take advantage of the next few days.

This has led to one police officer warning that the weekend could end up looking like “the last days of Rome”.

If their predictions are correct, this could be a serious worry for the state of coronavirus in the UK. Currently the number of cases are on the rise, primarily among young people. If more young people go to pubs and let off steam this weekend, we could see cases rise even quicker.

So, if you are one of the people thinking of having a party this weekend, please don’t. The sooner we see the back of this pandemic, the better.

A Bus Crash in Winchester

In other UK news today, a school bus has crashed into a low bridge in Winchester. Many of the schoolchildren on board the bus have been taken to hospital with serious injuries, although luckily none of the injuries have been fatal.

A local business man from the area claims that it has been speculated that the driver was a “complete novice” and that it was his first day on the job. He has also claimed that there were at least sixty people on board at the time of the crash. 

However, Stagecoach South, who run the service, have claimed that the driver was experienced and that it was not clear why he decided to go under the bridge. 

This question of why the driver even decided to try and go under the bridge has still not been answered. Reports have suggested that the children on board the bus were shouting at the driver, telling him that it was not their normal route and telling him to turn back. Apparently, the driver did not heed these messages. 

We hope that all those involved are okay and that they have a speedy recovery.

Another Beirut Fire

In international news today, unfortunately another fire has broken out at a port in Beirut. This comes only a month after a terrifying explosion occurred in the city, which tragically killed at least 190. 

The Lebenese army has told people to evacuate the area, and have closed major roads near the area. It is certain that the incident from last month will be on the forefront of people’s minds. 

A journalist has stated on Twitter that the authorities are promising that this fire will not lead to an explosion, though. 

Beirut is clearly undergoing a situation that is incredibly difficult. If you want to help them out, we have two videos on the explosion – all the profits of which are going to charities that support victims of the tragedy. We also have links to said charities in the video descriptions.

For those of you who think the news is too long, be sure to check out tomorrow’s daily briefing.

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