October 20th: Lockdown and Young People, Debate Rule Changes and Internet on the Moon

October 20th: Lockdown and Young People, Debate Rule Changes and Internet on the Moon

Lockdown and Young People

In the first story of the Daily Briefing today, we discuss the revelations that the Scientific Advice Group for Emergencies (or SAGE) have warned the government about the effect that lockdowns are currently having on the younger generations. According to an unnamed SAGE scientist, the government “brushed aside” such concerns.

One of the problems that have been reported to affect young people hugely are unemployment – which is currently at 12.1% – up from the 4.3% of national unemployment in the UK. Clearly, younger people are being hit harder than the national population in relation to unemployment.

This crisis can lead to other problems, such as mental health issues – which are a particular concern right now.

In fact, Cathy Cresswell, who leads a study into how families are adapting to the lockdown, has claimed that opportunities for the current generation have been ‘devastated’ and that younger people have not had time to adapt to the current crisis. As a result of this, the impact on the younger generation could become “entrenched”. Effectively, problems such as unemployment for young people, might continue to be a problem for an extended period. 

New Debate Rules

For the second story today, we go across the pond to the United States where there has been an announcement from the Commission on Presidential Debates (which organises them). It has been revealed that during the initial two minutes of each candidates’ response to a question in Thursday’s debate, his opponent’s microphone will be turned off.

This comes after the display from the candidates in the first debate a couple of weeks ago, in which both rudely talked over each other, making it less of an informative event that would help voters, and more of a display of how not to behave like a President.

Let’s hope that it can be a more civil affair when we tune in on Thursday night. You can watch it starting at 9pm EST.

Internet on the Moon

In global news today, it has been revealed that Nokia will build a 4G network on the moon. This is for the upcoming mission by NASA to put the first woman on the moon – alongside another man. The aim is to do this prior to 2024.

Part of the mission is to try and make a ‘sustainable human presence’ on the moon. So, although the 4G will be used for a scientific purpose (mainly for the remote control of the lunar landers), it will also be used for the same thing the rest of us use it for – streaming videos.

Who knows, maybe our very first cosmic viewer will be coming very soon!

A Hero Woman

In more UK news today, a 104 year old woman has been inspired by the efforts of Captain Sir Tom Moore earlier this year, and has decided to walk laps around her house. Following the millions that he raised on his endeavour, Ruth Saunders has pledged to walk 104 laps of her house in order to try and raise money for her local air ambulance.

Impressively, she has claimed that if she manages to walk to full 104 laps, she may add on an additional 26 laps to make the complete distance equal to that of a full marathon.

This would make her total distance longer than Captain Sir Tom Moore. On this, she said “I beat him, because he didn’t do as far as I’m doing and he’s not as old as me!”.

As with Captain Sir Tom Moore, we wish Ruth all the best, and we have provided a link to her JustGiving page here.

For those of you who think the news is too long, be sure to check out tomorrow’s daily briefing.

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