August 21st: Extra Lockdown Restrictions, A Race Back to the UK and a Stall in Coronavirus Deaths 3

August 21st: Extra Lockdown Restrictions, A Race Back to the UK and a Stall in Coronavirus Deaths

The UK Local Lockdown Restrictions

The first item in today’s Daily Briefing is relating to some more local UK lockdowns. Oldham, Pendle and Blackburn, today, face harsher lockdown restrictions – mainly that residents from these areas are now no longer allowed to socialise with anyone outside their household. This includes indoors, outdoors and in restaurants and pubs.

Workplaces and businesses will, however, remain open. This includes any childcare facilities. Using public transport should only be for essential purposes, and funerals and weddings should be limited to a maximum of 20 people.

This has been introduced because there are between 70 and 90 cases per 100,000 people. Nick Triggle from the BBC points out that this, though, is only about half the rate of cases in Leicester when it was locked down.

Exactly when these local lockdowns will be relaxed is, as yet, unknown.

Holidaymakers Race Back to the UK

In other news today, there has, yet again been another group of countries added to the ‘red list’. Anyone travelling back from Croatia, Austria and Trinidad and Tobago after 04:00 BST on Saturday will need to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

Last week the government introduced the same policy for France – which led to a huge race from tourists to try and get back into the country before 4am. This was so they could avoid having to isolate. It led to the Eurostar being fully booked and more ferries being put on in order to cope with the increased demand of cross-channel trips.

It is as yet unknown whether this will be repeated again in the early hours tomorrow morning.

While this news isn’t exactly positive, there is a ray of sunshine. Although these three countries have been added to the red list, Portugal has been removed from it – meaning that anyone currently having a holiday in Portugal will not have to self-isolate upon return to the UK. This will inevitably come as welcome news from any UK holidaymakers in Portugal currently.

British Coronavirus Deaths Stall

In other UK news today, it has been shown that despite cases being on the slight increase over the last few weeks, deaths have not increased along with them.

Research from the University of Leeds and the University of Oxford has shown that if there had been a correlation between the number of cases and deaths, then Britain would be experiencing a daily COVID death toll of around 35 per day. This contrasts with around only 5 deaths per day currently – and this figure is still slowly decreasing.

It is important to note also that this accounts for the time lag between infection and deaths.

Although a possible explanation for this is simply due to more testing, another could be due to the treatments that are now available for those who have tested positive for coronavirus.

While any death is a sad event which leaves a lasting mark on a huge group of people who were close to the person – the fact that the number of deaths is so low currently and appears to be dropping can only be seen as good news.

Let’s hope that this decrease in deaths continues, and that better and more effective treatments are found to finally bring this number to zero.

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