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TLDR EU: Explained

So… we’ve launched a new channel. That’s right a third major channel has joined the TLDR family, TLDR News EU.

You might be wondering why we’ve done this. We already have two channels major (one of which we barely use) so why start another one? Well, we want to get as many silver play buttons as possible.

Why Europe?

As some of you might know, the UK is currently in the process of leaving the European Union. Currently, we’re covering this topic in excruciating detail on the TLDR News UK.

However, it looks like the UK will soon officially leave, and the two will take their own paths. We want to continue covering UK news on the TLDR UK channel, but we also want to continue talking about the EU; so that’s where TLDR EU is born.

Why a New Channel?

So we want to make more EU content. That seems reasonable, but why make a whole new channel when we already have an audience on TLDR UK? The two main answers are consistency and scheduling.

When new viewers visit our channels we want it to be abundantly clear what we can offer them – the type of content they can expect. If you stumble upon one of our videos (thanks to the mercy of the YouTube overlords) you might choose to click over to our channel. If the content we offer is something you’re interested in you might subscribe and check out more videos. However, if you’re met with a channel full of all kinds of crazy content you might be less interested. Our research and industry insights suggest that sectioning of the content, having different offerings for different audiences, could be very beneficial.

The other reason I mentioned is scheduling. Currently with us only using one main channel we have to decide which video to post each day. We only want to release one video in our main 9am timeslot, which means some videos can be left on the shelf for a few days until we share them. This feels inefficient to us, and by splitting up the content into different channels we can post different things on different topics at the same time. This helps get our content out there and stops us from flooding a channel with too many videos.

What Can We Expect?

As you might expect the TLDR EU channel will be full of videos about the European Union and the countries which make it up. We will be posting at least a video a week initially, with this subject to change based on interest and support.

We will also be posting a similar amount on the TLDR US channel in the next few months.

And don’t worry, we will still be posting UK and global content on the TLDR UK channel. However, rather than releasing daily we will be posting on the TLDR UK more like three or four times a week.

Check out TLDR UK, TLDR EU and TLDR US and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date.