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Johnson's Brexit Day Plans

Johnson’s Brexit Day Plans

Since finalising the video above the Government’s official plans for Brexit Day were announced. So as we weren’t able to amend the video, and the vast majority of it is still accurate I wanted to add this little footnote.

As you might expect, the government’s plans continue to ignore the whole Big Ben’s bongs situation and instead layout a new agenda for the 31st.

The new plans implement an altogether different clock, one projected onto Downing Street. This clock will countdown to the moment when the UK officially leaves the EU at 11pm. Once the clock reaches the moment of Brexit Boris Johnson will address the nation in a “special speech”. It might not be the full theatricalities pro-Brexit campaigners were hoping for, but renting a projector is probably a fair bit cheaper than £500,000.

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister will host a special meeting of cabinet in an undisclosed location in the north of England. This special session will bt spent discussing the ideas of “prosperity and opportunity”.

In addition to this, a special 50p coin will be minted and enter circulation on the 31st. The new coin will be emblazoned with the message “peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations”. This isn’t the first version of the new coin, with previous releases scuppered by delays in the Brexit process.

Finally, it’s worth noting that although the Big Ben bongs weren’t mentioned in the government’s official statement, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be happening. It does appear (as we noted in the video) that the government are trying to distance themselves from the idea, but with campaigns building momentum it is still possible we will hear the bell ring to call in Brexit.