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Full Local Elections Results

Local Election: Final Results


Since we made our video reacting to initial results of the UK’s recent local elections, the full results have been announced. We wanted to make sure we gave you all the information you need so here is the full breakdown.



The change in local councillors by party has stayed fairly consistent with the initial trend. The Conservatives lost a huge number of councillors (1334) and Labour and UKIP both also saw losses (82 and 145 respectively). UKIP overtook Labour to have the second biggest losses of the night, a surprise considering the number of people still backing UKIP’s Brexit policies.

The Liberal Democrats continued to be the biggest winners from the night gaining 703 councillors. Independent councillors and councillors from the Green Party also performed strongly (increasing by 606 and 194).




Despite the Conservatives hemorrhaging councilors, they continue to lead the way with 1539. However the other parties are catching them as they continue to lose support at the local level.