Team TLDR 4


We absolutely love reporting the news and keeping you all up to date with the latest information. TLDR News has show meteoric grown across all of our social channels and isn’t showing any signs of letting up. We’re so happy that people are coming to us to find the latest news.

The problem is that sometimes we want to get a bit more personal with you all. All of our existing channels are very news focused, we are a news organisation after all, so not everything we want to post really fits.

We want to share our business with you. We want to share what’s happening behind the scenes with you. We want to share our plans with you.


So today we are launching our newest social account @teamtldr. You can follow @teamtldr on Instagram and we will keep you up to date with everything TLDR. At Team TLDR you won’t get updates on May’s deal or the latest battle in parliament, but you will get to see more about our business. I know that’s maybe not everyone’s thing, so that’s why we aren’t putting it on our main channels. But if you’re interested maybe drop us a follow.

We will continue to share the latest updates with our Patrons first, so if you want to be kept super up to date make sure to back us on Patreon.


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