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As part of TLDR’s expansion into longer-form content, we’re experimenting with a few new funding models including this one. Like 99% of our content these videos will be posted on the TLDR UK YouTube channel for absolutely free throughout May, so if you don’t want to pay you don’t have to. We believe in keeping things open for all our fans, so at least at the moment, we have absolutely no plans to permanently paywall content like this – you’re simply buying early access.

As well as gaining access to the series early, Plus members also get access to the full Opinionated data set. This anonymised data file allows you to run your own analysis and find extra insights. On top of that every week when the videos are released on the YouTube channel we will be posting a bonus insights document for Plus Pass members. This means you’ll get some bonus behind the scenes information, extra analysis and more information from the series. Finally you’ll also get access to the trailer for TLDR’s first documentary series as soon as it’s ready – likely in the next month or so.

You do indeed! Every survey respondent who gave us permission, will have received an email detailing how they can get Opinionated Pass Plus for the same price as the standard Opinionated Pass. So if you completed the survey and ticked the box letting us contact you then check your emails and you should find a code to get an Opinionated Plus Pass for only £3.99.

If you’re a TLDR UK Patron at Silver Level ($10) or above you automatically get a free Opinionated Pass giving you access to all of Opinionated Season Two immediately. If you want the plus pass you can pay £2 to upgrade your membership to the plus level.

Simply head over to the TLDR UK Patreon page and there you’ll find a post detailing how to claim your Opinionated Pass.

We appreciate that we’re in a privileged spot to have a big audience who gives us great insights and opinions. So we wanted to share that data with you too. We’ve fully anonymised all of the information, but we’re hoping that with the data set you can run your own analysis and make even more interesting discoveries.

On July 1st we will be making this data available to anyone who wants to access it through our site.