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Opinionated 2



Opinionated is TLDR News’ brand new series where we discuss some controversial topics. Before we start the series we want our audience to fill out a survey, to their gauge opinions on the topics. In the videos, we will discuss both sides of the debate and let you know what TLDR viewers think about the issues.

After the video, we will ask you to complete the survey again so we can see how people’s opinions have changed.

For this to be possible we need your help. We need you to fill out this survey so we can find out what you think about the topics. You can complete the survey here.

Why should you complete the survey? Well, I’m glad you asked…


Opinionated Competiton

It really means a lot to us that people would take a few minutes to complete our survey, so we want to say thanks. We appreciate every respondent so everyone who completes the survey and provides their name and email address will receive a discount code which you can use on the Opinionated x TLDR merch store. The more topics you answer questions on, the bigger the discount you’ll receive.

In addition to discount codes, we will also be sending some respondents completely free merch. We will randomly select winners from the people who answer all questions (including providing their name and email address).

If you have any questions about the survey or the competition please email us at