TLDR x OVO Energy

We were super excited when OVO Energy reached out asking to sponsor a video on the energy crisis. We knew this would be an opportunity not only to help fund new projects (I’ll get onto that) but also to get greater insight from an energy giant.


I say insight because we worked with OVO throughout the production process, asking questions and consulting with their team to get a better picture of how they were thinking about the issue. In fact this collaboration seemed like an ideal way to make this video, not only funding it but giving us greater perspective when it comes to how big companies are currently lobbying the government.


Now I say collaboration, but it’s important to note that we insisted on journalistic freedom from the very beginning. As such, while we asked OVO questions and allowed them to make comments on the video, it was still written and made by Team TLDR as always. They did offer suggestions and corrections (which is useful as s they are the experts) but any changes were always made freely by our team – they just made notes and comments.


Ultimately I hope you enjoy the video and appreciate the additional expertise and insight offered by the OVO Team (we certainly enjoyed working with them)


Also, as I noted at the start, the sponsorship money for this video wasn’t just spent on its production but will also be reinvested in future TLDR projects. In fact, as a result of this deal I’m happy to announce that were beginning work on a new podcast all about the ongoing climate emergency. This new podcast is only in the early stages of development, but income like this helps us take new risks and try new things (note: OVO are in no way affiliated with the podcast, we’re just going to use the money earned from this video to kickstart it).


Anyway, I hope that all makes sense and you understand why we decided to partner with OVO on this project.


Thanks for your support and thanks to OVO for your assistance,


Jack Kelly