Book and Pin Bundle


This exclusive bundle not only gets you a copy of the book (specifically the new 2021 third edition) but also a Number 10 pin absolutely free. This pin is currently exclusive* to this bundle so enjoy showing off your special little TLDR enamel pin.


The Book: Prove that Brexit’s not all black and white by colouring in our Brexit timeline. The TLDR Brexit Colouring Book contains 21 iconic moments from the Brexit process taking you from the moment that the referendum was announced all the way to the moment that the UK finally departed. Alongside each image is a caption written by Team TLDR explaining how that image fits into the timeline. As you colour journey through the story and learn how the UK went from being a member of the European Union to leaving in 2020. Also, get access to an exclusive TLDR video which takes you through the Brexit timeline – a video which will never be publically shared. This new edition comes with new images, taking the story all the way through to 2021


The Pin: This Number 10 pin, inspired by the iconic door, is the latest in TLDR’s collection of high-quality enamel pin badges. This pin was specially designed based on the Number 10 graphic used in TLDR videos, brought to life with reflective surfaces and premium enamel. Not only that but the pin also comes with a custom backing card, allowing the door to blend into the famous surroundings.

*Note: This pin is currently only available in this bundle (or similar book bundles). However, it’s possible that in the future we may sell this pin as a stand-alone item, although no sooner than September 2021.

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