Face Masks Can Damage Your Health According to Conspiracy Theorists… Sorry What?

Despite the scientific and medical advice, some still seem skeptical about the idea of wearing a face mask. The rationale changes from person to person, but many seem to believe masks impede their freedom and could potentially make them ill. In this video, we examine masks, discuss if they work, and consider the validity of these conspiracy theories.


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"The video says that social distancing rules have been reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre but actually the government guidelines still say 2 metres and 1 metre+ is only if 2 metres is not possible"

TLDR Response

This is true. Although the narrator states "1 metre", the animation shown is "1m+" which reflects the current policy. While it is true that government recommends 2m where possible, this video is not about this - and we didn't want to go too far down that rabbit hole. In the future we will try to make this distinction more clear, though.