The India China Border Conflict Explained: Will This Escalate to War in Galwan Valley?

The border between China and India has always been controversial, with decades of disputes over exactly where the line falls. But those tensions escalated into full conflict recently when clashes between Indian and Chinese military lead to the deaths of around 50 people. In this video, we explain the history of this border conflict as well as what happened this month and what it means for the future of Chinese/Indian relations.

Fact Check Complaints


“Kashmir has been part of India through the Instrument of Accession signed in 1947”

“Despite that, Pakistan lays claim to the Pakistan administered Kashmir and China lays claim to the ever increasing area under its administration known as Aksai Chin”

“Irrespective of India’s claims and given the conflicting claims, it is irresponsible on part of TLDR to simplify the representation of India’s geography”

“It would be reasonable to expect a neutral content creator like TLDR news to draw a shaded / dotted area demarcating the disputed regions. I appreciate that the topic has otherwise been covered from a neutral perspective and is otherwise reported well”


We try to choose maps which help explain the situation at hand, if we were discussing the issues in Kashmir we would obviously have chosen a different map, but given topic we were discussing it’s easier to focus on one thing at a time.

We do completely understand how that sometimes leads to us making calls which can be seen as biased, but it’s only ever to make things simpler.

In the future we will ensure that we make a note either verbally or on screen which explains that we have made the map simpler in order to discus the issue at hand.

We hope this will resolve the issue going forward.

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