The Defibrillators (Availability) Bill

Maria Caulfied, MP for Lewes, has revived her Defibrillator Bill, having already failed to go through Parliament during the time of the last General Election. Through the Ten Minute Rule Motion, which allows for Parliamentary members to propose Private Member’s Bills with a first reading, Caulfield has reintroduced her Bill into Parliament.

Previously an NHS Nurse, Caulfied has stated quick response to sudden cardiac arrest, through rapid CPR or defibrillator use, can result in survival rates of 80%. Considering that 12 young people die each week from rapid cardiac arrest, increased access to Defibrillators would survive.

Furthermore, Caulfied argues that Defibrillators are a most usable and effective method to resuscitate, when compared to CPR. Defibrillators have clear instructions of usage, while CPR can be very easily performed well.

The Bill, through Caulfield’s ten minute speech, has had its first reading in Parliament. It is yet to be certain as to whether the bill will make it into law, depending on development and priority of the following months.