Too Long: The TLDR Newspaper


To commemorate another year on planet earth, TLDR News is producing a one off newspaper called Too Long. Yes, it’s a real 32 page newspaper, printed on real news print & containing loads of articles from TLDR and some of your favourite educational creators.

About the Newspaper:

Team TLDR and a bunch of your favourite educational creators have teamed up ‘Too Long’… a one off newspaper which explains some of the biggest moments from 2023 & looks forward to the year ahead of us.

That includes:

  • Long form explainers on the latest from Ukraine and Gaza
  • A 2-page interview with Johnny Harris about the ongoing tension between China and the US
  • A piece from J.J McCullough on the chances of a Conservative comeback in Canada
  • Sophia Smith Galer’s take on the threat of misinformation for elections around the world in 2024
  • Analysis of the UK, French and German governments… and how all three are struggling (including a piece from Marvin Neumann)
  • A section on why the Saudi sports buy-up ought to be taken seriously from Search Party
  • Tonnes of analysis on everything from the climate crisis’ impact in 2023, elections summaries from around the world and why the streaming industry is set to change (from Scott Bryan)
  • There’s a also way more from Matthew Krol (Extra Credits & Extra History), Rohin Francis (MedLife Crisis), Patrick H Willems, Trace Dominguez and Tommo Carroll
  • oh… and yes, there’s even a crossword

It’s not just the words either. We’ve spent hours designing graphics and visual explainers to bring the news to life. That’s all printed in a traditional way onto real news print… yes this is a real newspaper (well actually it’s slightly higher quality with beautiful high quality colour print throughout).


Shipping Note:

To simplify the shipping process, we only allow for one item per order. However, if you’re looking for two copies of the newspaper, you can select the ‘two newspaper’ bundle.

If you’d like to add multiple different items to your basket please simply make multiple orders (sorry we know it’s a little complex, but it makes shipping them far simpler for us and saves holding up everyone’s deliveries). If you’d like to make a bulk purchase of 5 or more copies then please email for assistance.

Please allow up to 7 days (UK) / 14 days (Europe) / 21 days (everywhere else) for your newspaper to arrive once your order has been dispatched. Your order will be dispatched from the United Kingdom; if you live outside of Great Britain or Northern Ireland, additional customs and import fees may apply. For any questions related to customs or import fees, please contact the relevant authorities in your country.

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